Equal Income Tax for Entrepreneurs

I was honoured to lead the pre-budget submission project for #StartupIreland. Our goal this year was to identify a number of “low-hanging fruit” budget measures that could reduce the friction felt by entrepreneurs as they try to get their businesses on a stable footing in Ireland. I’m re-publishing our recommendations here in serial form, so that there’s an easy version for people to read and share without having to download the entire 20 page submission.

Our first recommendations are that entrepreneurs should not have higher income taxes and fewer social entitlements than their staff.
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Easy Startup Dashboards

At PageFair we’ve repurposed all our spare monitors as cheap real-time business dashboards. Here’s how you can do the same (especially if you’re in Dublin).

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The Scale Investor

I’ve written before about the venture chasm – the widening gulf between the founders and the funds, a gap that continues to widen as technology startups figure out how to get more done with less money. This idea occurred to me one night at one of our regular secret Techpreneurs meetups in Dublin. When I asked the room of tech CEOs how many were venture funded, or expected to be, only half the hands went up. Numbered among the other half were some of the best companies in the room. What was going on?
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Trademark Phishing Scam

We recently filed a trademark application for our company, PageFair. This morning I received (by snail mail) this official-looking invoice from the "European Patent and Trademark Register" for extra filing fees. It turns out it’s a complete scam. A Polish company appears to be monitoring for new trademark applications and attempting to phish a thousand Euro from each applicant.
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5 Ways Employees Need to Think Like Investors

Are you thinking of taking a job in a startup? If so, this post is for you. Every employee in a startup is making an investment, but rarely do they treat it as such. Here’s 5 ways to make a smarter decision about whether or not to take that new startup job.
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