Scale Front featured in the Irish Times

Pamela Newenham wrote a great piece on us in the Irish Times today, 22nd November 2012, featuring one of our products, TechTeams, before going on to discuss Scale Front in general, and the startup lab approach that we are applying.

TechTeams is a marketplace for Irish technology project teams. The 70 teams on it are mainly composed of technology-led startups, who are willing to implement products for other startups or small/medium businesses. We decided to create it in the early Summer this year as a place where the startups in our own network could find work to help them bootstrap. It’s a free service that we’re going to keep running so long as it continues to help the startup and SME industries.
It was funded and directed by us, but the credits for the implementation work and design go to Kevin Bluett [twitter] and the Tophat team.

Read the story here.

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