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Make an Impact: Start a Startup

I gave the keynote speech at the Python Ireland Conference on October 14th 2012. I proposed that Dublin is one of the world’s best emerging startup hubs, uniquely situated as the gateway between Europe and America. As programmers, we enjoy

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The Talented 38: Ireland’s top technology and startup leaders

Dylan Collins and I put our heads together to make a list of Irish people under forty who are leading the startup and technology scene. Watch these names closely. This post has been jointly published here and on Dylan’s blog

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Work Permits and the Knowledge Economy

The “knowledge economy” is a powerful vision of Ireland’s future, one that sidesteps the disadvantage of being a nondescript mid-Atlantic island with a pitiful domestic market, while playing to our Anglo-American cultural strengths. Unfortunately, our so-called knowledge economy depends on

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The Lean Reality Check

This isn’t a critique of the Lean Startup. I don’t have the guts to do that. No, this is just an attempt to put the Lean Startup back in its box, from which it is has been inadvertently liberated. Don’t

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Incubate or Accelerate?

Zip LIne

I once found myself standing upon a small wooden platform at a great height above the ground, willing myself to trust the harness I was attached to, and step into the void. I was attempting  the zip line on an

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