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Easy Startup Dashboards

Beaglebone Black

At PageFair we’ve repurposed all our spare monitors as cheap real-time business dashboards. Here’s how you can do the same (especially if you’re in Dublin).

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The Scale Investor

A pile of burning dollars

I’ve written before about the venture chasm – the widening gulf between the founders and the funds, a gap that continues to widen as technology startups figure out how to get more done with less money. This idea occurred to

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Awkward Bedfellows: Xero and AIB

In PageFair I’m striving to automate as much admin as possible. This means figuring out for once and for all how best to handle startup accountancy in Ireland, stretching all the way from receipts and invoicing all the way up

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Speaking at TEDx

I gave a talk on intellectual property at TEDx at Goodenough College in London in February 2013. I focused on patents, how they have fallen out of step with the modern pace of innovation, and as a result are now

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4G to Empower Indigenous Digital Industry


Although both our economy and our people are depressed, there was a ray of light in this week’s auction of the part of the radio spectrum necessary for next-generation “4G” mobile networks. Our talented twenty and thirty year olds are

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