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5 Ways Employees Need to Think Like Investors

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Are you thinking of taking a job in a startup? If so, this post is for you. Every employee in a startup is making an investment, but rarely do they treat it as such. Here’s 5 ways to make a

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Speaking at TEDx

I gave a talk on intellectual property at TEDx at Goodenough College in London in February 2013. I focused on patents, how they have fallen out of step with the modern pace of innovation, and as a result are now

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4G to Empower Indigenous Digital Industry


Although both our economy and our people are depressed, there was a ray of light in this week’s auction of the part of the radio spectrum necessary for next-generation “4G” mobile networks. Our talented twenty and thirty year olds are

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Make an Impact: Start a Startup

I gave the keynote speech at the Python Ireland Conference on October 14th 2012. I proposed that Dublin is one of the world’s best emerging startup hubs, uniquely situated as the gateway between Europe and America. As programmers, we enjoy

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The Dangers of Excessive Effectiveness

Getting Things Done, monkey edition

My last post, on effectiveness and efficiency via the technology of Transformers, was sufficiently well received that I thought I should offer up a sequel, in way of warning. The flipside of continuously striving for maximum effectiveness at work is

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