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Easy Startup Dashboards

Beaglebone Black

At PageFair we’ve repurposed all our spare monitors as cheap real-time business dashboards. Here’s how you can do the same (especially if you’re in Dublin).

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Awkward Bedfellows: Xero and AIB

In PageFair I’m striving to automate as much admin as possible. This means figuring out for once and for all how best to handle startup accountancy in Ireland, stretching all the way from receipts and invoicing all the way up

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How Capital Gains Tax Strangles Irish Startups


The budget is coming early this year, and rumour has it that Minister Noonan will once again increase the Capital Gains Tax. CGT has been increased four times since 2008, and now stands at 33%, one of the highest rates

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Ditching the Pitch

The Pitching CEO

The seventeenth century polymath Blaise Pascal famously quipped that he was sorry for the length of his letter – he didn’t have time to write a shorter one. Woodrow Wilson extended his point to say that he needed a week

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The Venture Chasm


The technology sector is buzzing and we’re hearing more about venture capitalists than any time since the dot-com bubble. With part of your pension and some of your taxes invested in venture capital funds, you may be curious to know

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