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Logging Unhandled Exceptions in Actionscript

When an error occurs in your flash application, and is not handled, the Flash runtime will cross its fingers, ignore it, and try to struggle on. Unfortunately, an unhandled error will probably leave your client in an unstable state, and

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Cherokee-admin tunnel script

Cherokee is now my favorite web server, having all the performance of Nginx, but designed for usability. The addition of the market feature has made it possible to leave behind the headaches of re-learning the peculiarities of all of your

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Flash Weirdness of the Day (FlashWoD)

I spent some significant time trying to hunt down a bug (or maybe heisenbug), on and off for the last week. Thought I’d nailed it last night, but it was back again this morning.

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Multiple asynchronous event handling with Flexunit

I had to write this down somewhere, now I’ve got it figured out. I’ve been banging my head against the screen for the last day and a half in work trying to figure out how to get a Actionscript unit

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Python Memoize with Expiry

Memoizing describes the programming pattern of caching results returned from a function, so that any subsequent calls to the function with the same parameters will return a cached value instead of re-computing it. Here’s a Python implementation.

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