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The road to native ES6 SPAs

TL;DR. In this post I go on a major rant against the Javascript/Babel/Webpack/Node development stack, and then talk about the problems I’m facing in my attempt to jettison that stack and instead make my javascript application run natively in web

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Easy Startup Dashboards

Beaglebone Black

At PageFair we’ve repurposed all our spare monitors as cheap real-time business dashboards. Here’s how you can do the same (especially if you’re in Dublin).

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Awkward Bedfellows: Xero and AIB

In PageFair I’m striving to automate as much admin as possible. This means figuring out for once and for all how best to handle startup accountancy in Ireland, stretching all the way from receipts and invoicing all the way up

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Make an Impact: Start a Startup

I gave the keynote speech at the Python Ireland Conference on October 14th 2012. I proposed that Dublin is one of the world’s best emerging startup hubs, uniquely situated as the gateway between Europe and America. As programmers, we enjoy

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Taking Software Seriously

The files are IN the computer??

I often find myself struggling to communicate to non-geeks just how complicated software engineering is, probably because there’s no familiar lines of work that are any way comparable. There’s a danger that I often end up looking like I have

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